Sample Praise


“One of the top 10 Nashville literary leaders playing ‘an essential role in defining which books become bestsellers’ not only in middle-Tennessee, but also extending ‘beyond the city limits and into the nation’s book culture.’” – Publishers Weekly

“In one conversation, Clay taught me more about script writing than I had learned reading 4 books.” – Mike Orenduff, award-winning novelist and playwright

“Actor-writer-director-producer . . .Stafford has no shortage of material to produce… ever the Renaissance man.” – The Atlanta Journal / The Atlanta Constitution

“Talented! It’s hard to categorize him. He’s a screenwriter, plus he’s a producer, director, actor, author. Clay has worked all sides of the moviemaking and TV process.” – WAMB Radio

“Clay Stafford has done it all. He’s a successful actor, writer, director, and producer.” – WXIA-TV, Atlanta

“A great work, especially worthy of remembering.” – U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

“A testament of bravery & courage.” – Glen Casada, Tennessee State Representative

“A roller-coaster ride of emotions.” – KUAM-TV, Dededo, Guam

“The American Dream.” – WGCL-TV (CBS), Atlanta, GA

“Powerful.” – KPHO-TV (CBS), Phoenix, AZ

“Simple, but powerful.” – WRIC-TV (ABC), Richmond, VA

“Deeply moving.” – KSTC-TV, Saint Paul, MN

“An inspiring story.” – WOIO-TV (CBS), Cleveland, OH

“Inspirational.” – KPTV-TV (Fox), Portland, OR

“A beautiful symphonic score.” – KFMB-FM (Jack-FM), San Diego, CA

“A thrilling and inspirational story.” – WAKM Radio, Franklin, TN

“Harrowing, uplifting story.” – Williamson Herald, Franklin, TN

“An American inspiration.” – WFSB-TV, Hartford, CT

“Historic.” – WXIX-TV (Fox), Cincinnati, OH

“Emotional.” – KVVU-TV (Fox), Henderson, NV

“Life-changing.” – KWTV-TV (CBS), Oklahoma City, OK

“Mesmerizing true life story.” – Albany (NY) Times Union

“Miraculous. A life that would influence thousands of children for years to come.” – The Tennessean, Nashville, TN

“This is a book to keep by your bedside for those nighttime short story cravings.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Murder, mayhem, and mystery! Every story in Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded is filled with suspense, sizzle and startling twists. I loved it!” – Lisa Jackson, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The best-edited anthology I’ve read in awhile. I love short stories, and these were just right. Highly recommended for mystery lovers.” – Virginia E. Johnson

“This book is fantastic! If you love murder mysteries and action thrillers and also love country music and Nashville and Hot Chicken then this is the book for you!” – Neil Armstrong

“Clay Stafford wins the trifecta for great selections, great editing, and great writing with his own story. Killer Nashville is one of the great writer conferences in the country (Janet Evanovich headlines this year) so it’s no surprise that the quality of stories was so high. Enjoyed the usual list of suspects like Jeffery Deaver, Anne Perry, Steven James, and Donald Bain (Murder She Wrote), but it was nice to be introduced to talented writers like Daco and, of course, Clay. If you need a little murder to help you fall asleep at night, this is a great collection of noir stories.” – Mark Gilroy

“A wonderful collection of short stories that will provide hours of entertainment for readers of all different tastes. From cozy to hard-boiled, historical to futuristic, psychological to humorous. But what all the stories have in common is talented writing and a surprising twist at the end. This anthology would make a great textbook for a college course on how to write short stories.” – S. H. Marchisello

“If you only buy one book this year, this one should be it.” – Blake, Amazon

Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded is possibly the best crime anthology of 2015. Quite often, a book of this type will have several good stories, a couple of tolerable ones, and at least one that the reader will skim past. This was not the case with this book. It was so good I hated to see it end.” – The Self-Taught Cook

“Noir is a category all to its self and, I believe, it is very hard to do. It was a popular category back in the Forties and Fifties and then seemed to fade away. This conference in Nashville seems to have brought it back. And in classic style. Every single author, whether they are big names or newcomers, is a major contributor and provide really interesting stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are new to Noir then this is the collection for you. If you are a fan of Noir then you certainly are not going to be disappointed. I recommend that you read each story slowly and carefully these authors are very good and have put a lot on them that may seem innocent at first but prove otherwise.” – VicG, Amazon

“I love anthologies because they are kind of the ‘best of the best’ if done right. And, this anthology is a terrific blend of well-known authors along with emerging voices. Before bed (I am brave!) I can read one or two stories (depending on length) and feel very satisfied. Plenty of death, killing and mystery to warrant the title ‘Cold Blooded’ and ‘Killer Nashville Noir’.” – Julie, Amazon

“Reading and reviewing Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded provided me a succession of spectacular and special thrills. Not only are included stories by 21 excellent authors, all dedicated to writing the best story possible; editor Clay Stafford is the founder and driving motivation of Killer Nashville. This annual conference unites bestselling authors with those yet to be published, and with fans, connecting a vibrant network of authors and readers in a seamless never-ending symmetry of words. Reading Mr. Stafford’s inspirational introduction redoubled [retripled] my enthusiasm for sharing books and authors.” – The Haunted Reading Room

“What a diverse group of mysteries Mr. Stafford put together. There was something for everyone. I really enjoyed them all, some of them were like watching the Twilight Zone, the way they ended so off the wall. I had to stop and think a bit about the story before I went on to the next one. I loved it.” – The Introverted Bibliophile

“My first story by the talented man and founder of Killer Nashville. Loved the deliciously witty evil game of cat and mouse. Nice twist at the end! From filmmaker and author Clay Stafford comes a story of justice, as unique as the darkness beyond the cliffs of Savage Gulf.” – Judith D. Collins

“Even if you’re all thumbs and none of them green, you can learn from and enjoy this series.” – The Associated Press

“The national mass appeal of the New Horizons in Bonsai series was immediately apparent by the overwhelming response in letters and book orders. This is due first and foremost to Mr. Clay Stafford’s unstinting efforts. Clay’s motivation was simply to create the best product using all the technology at his disposal and his reason was, for me, satisfyingly old-fashioned: the product bore his name as producer, director, showrunner, and book packager. Clay oversaw every detail of everyone else’s participation and that with consummate skill in both human and political arenas. Without Clay’s winning combination of support and control New Horizons would not be enjoying its universal acclaim. I place Clay’s contribution to New Horizons in Bonsai 24-part series before even my own. I cannot overstate Mr. Stafford’s qualities.” – Brian Lee Batchelder, Bel Canto Enterprises and host of the national TV series, New Horizons in Bonsai

“This series may be one of the video industry’s best resources for supplementing a child’s education.” – The Washington Post

“✩✩✩✩” – Children’s Video Magazine

“✩✩✩” – Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“Stafford’s descriptions are right on. A very real portrayal.” – Grand Street

“Good stuff!” – Troubadour

“✩✩✩✩✩ Clay Stafford has rewritten a classic… better than the original.” –

“✩✩✩✩✩” –

“Really twisted! I enjoyed it. The fun and excitement never stops.” – KNBC-TV, Los Angeles

“Engrossing! Carefully thought out, scripted, and acted out evening of excitement. It is safe to say that tickets are going to be hard to come by.” – Chattanooga News-Free Press

“Clay Stafford was superb. A delightful evening’s entertainment. A particularly outstanding performance. Clay Stafford cuts an imposing figure.” – Chattanooga Times

“A lot of fun. You don’t know the killer until the full climax hits. Stafford is pure West Coast—tall, handsome, tanned.” – Chattanooga News-Free Press

“They came for a weekend of relaxation and fun. And now, they’re dropping like flies. It smelled like murder.” – KCBS-TV, Los Angeles

“Clay did it. And has succeeded.” – WTVC-TV

“Utterly delightful! Outstanding performance. Irresistible! Let’s hope we hear more of Clay Stafford in the future.” – Chattanooga Times

“Extraordinarily good acting. A fine evening of theater.” – The Tennessean

“Outstanding! Fine acting!” – The Nashville Banner

“Clay Stafford brings substance to his role, making the audience sympathize with his character’s struggle for sanity.” – News Journal


“A man with many talents, Clay’s warm, pleasant personality relates well with others and enhances his ability to be a team player or a team leader. Self-motivated, dedicated to his career, intelligent, well-organized, paying close attention to detail, Clay’s skills in creativity, communication, organization, and management make him an excellent member of any production team.” – John Whitesell, Vice President, Warner Bros International Television Distribution

“Clay’s natural writing ability, keen sense of humor, honesty, and diligence make him a front-runner with any company organization. Having worked with Clay, I feel confident that he possesses the moral character, professionalism and intelligence to be an invaluable member of any production team. It is difficult to imagine an individual better suited to be a working member of the entertainment community than Clay.” – Liz Ramirez, Universal Studios / Hanna-Barbera / Lucasfilm

“Excelling in writing, producing, and directing, Clay Stafford is creative, talented, a great source of advice and information, and a tremendous addition to any team.” – Cynthia Payo, Hollywood Pictures / Walt Disney Studios

“Mr. Stafford is an artist of considerable vision whose work has already gained him a large measure of respect. I have had the opportunity to view many of the television programs that Mr. Stafford has produced, directed, and written. In each instance, it is my opinion that he maintained a degree of professionalism and creative thrust uncommon in this market. His work product is of the highest order and every screenplay Clay undertakes adds further distinction to his name. Clay is diligent, persevering, possessed of a sparkling personality and sense of humor who distinguishes himself by performing admirably in all assigned areas, as well as seizing the initiative on his own, with patience and understanding.” – Paul N. Lazarus, III, production head Home Box Office, Marble Arch Pictures, Palomar Pictures, ABC Pictures, film producer, Barbarosa, Hanover Street, Extreme Close-Up, Westworld, Futureworld

“I have found Clay invaluable on any production. Clay’s versatility, professional attitude and initiative, along with his wide-ranging curiosity and deep commitment to film and video, allow him to do a superb job on any project he undertakes. Clay has the technical skills for both film and video, and he can work effectively in many areas, including producing, directing, writing and post-production. Clay works well under pressure, has an even temperament, and is willing to work long hours. Clay is an excellent idea person and at the same time he has an eye for composition and detail. Clay’s knowledge of music and his ability to communicate well with other people are great assets.” – Kitty Morgan, Malabar Productions

“Clay is an expert in screenwriting and an outstanding candidate for any work in the media. Clay’s work is excellent and certainly on equal footing with the best. Clay’s work is both disciplined and imaginative and always reflects his usual enthusiasm for whatever task he is accomplishing. He’s also a fine teacher with a sincere concern for his students, coupled with enthusiasm and hard work. I can recommend Mr. Stafford without reservation.” – Anthony T. Allegro, Cinematographer / Writer-Director-Producer Finding Chopin: The Paris Years, professor, University of Miami

“Clay Stafford’s knowledge of and experience in the industry is extensive. I was quite impressed by the substance of Clay’s work. Clay was extremely helpful as a consultant, reviewing curriculum and generating innovative ideas for instruction. Clay produced an extensive document on curriculum for the full four-course production series in film, complete with strategies, resources and evaluation methods. It was very well thought out and will be used to elevate the quality of courses taught in the Wolfson School. I found him to be a delight to work with. Our exchanges were stimulating—he always got me to entertain a new perspective. There are actually many roles Clay could fill adeptly. Clay has an infectious enthusiasm that would motivate students and generate energy among other faculty. Clay is quite polished and articulate. Clay would make an excellent faculty member. Clay was completely reliable and, in fact, delivered more than was expected. I take great pleasure in recommending Clay Stafford.” – Kandell Bentley-Baker, Miami Dade College / Florida International University

“What a delight it is to be able to recommend someone without reservation or hesitation! I’m always impressed with Clay’s work ethic…a willingness to do whatever is necessary and to do it with enthusiasm and speed. Clay has a quick mind, a great curiosity, and strong organizational traits. I have found Clay to be loyal, talented, cooperative, productive and ever interested in knowing and growing. As a showrunner, producer, writer, and director, he is a valuable member of any winning team.” – Joy Reese Shaw, Director of Program Development, PBS

“Mr. Stafford wrote and produced several outstanding series, including the extremely successful Bonsai series through The Clay Stafford Company, released by PBS. Clay worked in every aspect of production from writing scripts, to directing, to producing, to showrunning, to editing. Clay is a professional in every sense and working with him is always a pleasure. Clay is talented, knowledgeable and conscientious. Working with interns from South Florida high schools and universities, Clay demonstrated his teaching skills with excellent communication and great patience! I highly recommend Clay Stafford as an asset to any organization.” – Sandra Dempsey Coakley, PBS producer and bestselling romance author

“Mr. Stafford’s organizational ability and eye for detail proved to be a great asset to PBS. Clay’s willingness to take on any new project with a positive attitude and his bright, humorous personality make him a welcome addition to any working environment. His dedication to any task assigned was evidenced by the high quality of work that he produced. I recommend Mr. Stafford’s services to any organization or project.” – Don MacCullough, PBS

“Clay is a very dedicated, hardworking and intelligent man. As a producer, director, writer, and showrunner, he is highly motivated and improves the quality of any project or organization with which he is associated. He is personable and outgoing and I would highly recommend his inclusion on any work team.” – Laurel C. Long, PBS

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Clay Stafford for several years. I have come to know him as a business associate and a friend, which is a rarity in the film and television business. Clay has always been nothing less than a true professional. I have come to depend on Clay’s unfailing sense of humor, his creative thinking, his clear insight, and his sense of honor. I know that no matter what project idea, dilemma, or problem I bring to Clay, he will always tell me the truth in the funniest and kindest way possible. Clay’s creativity, foresight, intelligence, patience, experience, and his comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the film and television industry and sure knowledge of his market niche make it a pleasure to associate with him. I would recommend him as an actor, a writer, a director, producer, or showrunner without hesitation. Very few people in the film and television industry deserve all of those titles. But Clay Stafford does.” – Kay Tanner, Vice President, The Genesis Agency

“Clay is extremely diligent, hardworking, honest, entrepreneurial by nature and a team player. Without qualification, I can give Clay my heartiest personal endorsement. Incidentally, in the years which I have taught ‘Legal Aspects of Film Production,’ Clay has still attained the highest grade ever attained on my examinations. Additionally, the class was based on negotiations of actual contracts that producers will face in the motion picture industry. Clay is one of only three students in the history of the course to get an A on all three negotiation workshops. Clay makes a fine addition to any production team.” – Richard Charles Wolfe, Bedzow, Korn, Kan & Glaser / Wolfe Law Miami

“Thank you, Clay, for your constant support during the planning and executing of the PBS television broadcast Proud to Be Me. We have received wonderful remarks about the program, among them comments from board members who have stated their delight that this program has reached many people and has the vehicle with which to impact our youth. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.” – Jane Rosenberg, The American Jewish Committee

“I wish to personally extend my thanks for Clay’s support in this PBS production. The final outcome is a most professional effort. I am very impressed!” – Gwendolyn Jennings Kidney, Dade County Public Schools, Miami, Florida

“Clay, I am delighted to inform you that your PBS television program, Proud to Be Me, has been awarded the Certificate of Recognition in the Annual National Mass Media Awards program of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. The Certificate reads: ‘For making a positive contribution to the cause of brotherhood through using communications to help eradicate prejudice, creativity in promoting better human relations, exemplary efforts in the area of public service.’ Our congratulations and best wishes for continued success.” – Harry A. Robinson, The National Conference of Christians and Jews

“Clay’s consistently good writing and quick wit make him such a pleasure to work with.” – Etta Wilson, A Closer Look

“I commend you for the terrific, professional presentation. Your address and follow-on workshop were the highlights of the conference. You captivated the audience. You literally had them rolling in the aisles with your humorous anecdotes. The extra personal attention you gave was exemplary. I really appreciate your willingness to visit with members of the group individually for several hours after your speech. You are obviously excited about the message you have to share, and have a wonderful ability to transmit that excitement as well as understanding to an audience. We are proud to have you on the Army Team and look forward to working with you again.” – Gary L. Anderson, Department of the Army, U.S. Department of Defense

“The comments received from the audience were positive and inspiring. I believe that everyone walked away with a better understanding of how the mind works and how they can learn to focus on how to discover their own niche in this complex world we live in today. Your organization of material and use of various references you quoted made your presentation come alive for the audience. Thank you for your insight into a very complex subject.” – Ray Brooks, Financial Executives Institute

“We are very happy to recommend the services of Clay Stafford as an instructor and seminar leader. Always professional. We have enjoyed our relationship with Clay and are confident that you will too. Clay has been consistently cooperative and willing to work with our staff within the parameters of our department and has correspondingly been sensitive to our particular objectives. He is easy to work with and attuned to our specific needs. The courses Clay has taught have been well-organized and outlined in syllabus format. All courses have been well-received by his students with many taking additional courses on different subjects with him in future semesters. Several of his students came from word-of-mouth referrals from previous students. That is the best recommendation of all.” – Ginny Reese, University of Tennessee

“Clay shares valuable knowledge that certainly benefits.” – Greer Carlisle, Senior Vice-President, First Tennessee Bank

“The whole day was a success, largely due to Mr. Stafford’s inspiring keynote speech. Outstanding. Clay Stafford is well-known for his informative, well-delivered talks. His ability to fulfill his audience’s needs, to make his presentations warm, friendly and enlightening, and to never condescend even though he has a great fund of information at his fingertips, make him a very valuable speaker. I know when a speaker has students in his or her grasp; Mr. Stafford did. Their attention never wavered. Participants wrote about him enthusiastically, stressing how much he knew and how well he presented his body of knowledge. But just as important, they wrote comments that told of his friendly, outgoing, and relaxed demeanor. Many were so inspired by his keynote speech that they wanted to continue hearing what he had to say. Anyone who needs a wonderful teacher would be fortunate to have him.” – Marilyn M. Fisher, Ph.D., Council for the Written Word

“Clay’s presentation fulfilled our organization’s mission: encouraging, educating, and empowering writers. His preparation and knowledge of his subject were superior. He is innovative, a skilled communicator, and his material met the needs of our audience. Clay has the ability to present materials in a way that grasps the listener’s attention. His presentation was structured, and his delivery was professional, yet friendly, relaxed, and flavored with a sense of humor. His energetic style, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and scholarly presentation resulted in a successful workshop. Our participants had one resounding comment—they wanted more time with Clay and more of his enlightening material. Clay’s presentation brought many positive comments, and several people are ready for a weekend retreat with more time for instruction and exercises! I highly recommend Clay Stafford.” – Kathy Rhodes, Council for the Written Word

“What a wonderful workshop! Thanks to your contribution, our Fall Writers Seminar was a great success. As always, your presentation set an energetic and professional tone for the day’s content.” – Laurie Kay, Council for the Written Word

“Clay has inspired hundreds of young careers and offered practical direction in attaining their goals. Our performers have benefited from Clay’s classes in all facets of television, film and commercial acting, music videos styles and audition techniques. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Clay Stafford displays the utmost professionalism and ability to communicate his knowledge, while maintaining a delightful sense of humor. Clay Stafford is well prepared and brimming with creative ideas that he implements efficiently. What a joyful opportunity it is to recommend such a fine, versatile, articulate master teacher! Clay is truly a rare find!” – Lynn Stallings, Director, The Atlanta Workshop Players

“I cannot recommend too highly the services of Clay Stafford. Mr. Stafford’s organizational ability and eye for detail proved to be a great asset to our company. His willingness to take on any new project with a positive attitude and his bright, humorous personality made him a welcome addition to our working environment. Mr. Stafford always fulfilled whatever measure of ability that was required and he often exceeded the need.” – Patricia Dunne, Marketing Coordinator, Cancer Screening Services

“Clay Stafford is a man of integrity and sterling character. Since the days of his early youth, Clay has been an encouragement to many people and a role model for the young to follow. With delight and pleasure, we watched this young man develop into maturity in the way that described Christ’s maturing process, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). Clay’s morals have always been and remain very high. He is a man guided solely by principles.” – Gene Arnold, Encouragement Ministries

“Clay Stafford’s preparation and knowledge of his topics are superior. Clay has the ability to present materials in a way that grasps the listener’s attention. You will be highly satisfied with the results.” – Jane Tyler, Board Member, Williamson County Arts Council

“It is indeed a great pleasure for me to recommend someone I can highly and honestly endorse. Clay Stafford is a truly gifted, well-organized, and intelligent scholar in his field. From my personal observations after attending his lectures, I can personally attest that his approach to his seminars and workshops are extremely professional and students responded exceptionally well to his presentations. For each seminar he taught, the information was always well-researched and relevant. Clay cooperated and coordinated his lectures with the faculty so that his work would compliment theirs, and yet, would be an individual and a unique contribution. Any organization that uses the services of Clay Stafford will greatly benefit from them and his experience.” – Nancy Lane Wright, Dance Theatre Workshop

“An outstanding leader. Very talented in all areas of the fine arts. Rated very highly in industry, leadership, courtesy, and dependability. We recommend Clay very highly.” – Rex Davis, Boyd-Buchanan School

“I have received many positive comments from both students and teachers.” – Susan Blair, Boyd-Buchanan

“We appreciate your tailoring your remarks to fit our audience, which included 15-year-olds to 90-somethings. We look forward to having you return, and gladly recommend you to other groups.” – Peggy Phelps, College Grove Senior Enrichment Center

“Anyone can learn anything from this guy! He’s great!” – R. Holderbaum

“The Creative Quiet Mind course has opened creative vistas for me that I previously thought impossible and reminded me of areas of creativity that have long been dormant in my life. It is the beginning of a new phase of my journey.” – M. Cox

“What more could you ask, he gave of himself.” – S. Smartt

“Not a dull moment. Excellent.” – J. White

“You not only learn the basics, you learn about the business and the philosophy of life that goes with it. That, I consider, is very important.” – M. Scott

“Wonderful! Full of information and enthusiasm. Clay Stafford was one of my favorite speakers. Thank you!” – J. Carré

“Clay Stafford was very informative. His advice opened my eyes. Thanks!” – D. Hood

“Clay Stafford’s keynote speech was my favorite.” – M. Standard

“I learned more than I expected. You helped me open my eyes. You showed me a new way of looking at the world. I always heard the sounds that surround us, but now I listen to them. Thanks again for the most intriguing hour of my career thus far.” – E. Haber

“Clay Stafford is one of my favorite speakers. I enjoy his experience and very practical advice. Very encouraging.” – C. Moth

“He doesn’t just teach us, but gives us advice on making it in our careers.” – B. Hughes

“I learned more from Clay Stafford than from any other speaker.” – R. White

“I’m learning to love myself again. Something I had forgotten to do for a very long time.” – D. McDermitt

“Terrific!” – H. Dills

“I recommend Clay Stafford to anyone who wants to become successful.” – J. Meadows

“Clay Stafford’s presentation was my favorite session.” – S. Hutchins

“You seem to know the questions I’m having trouble answering without asking them.” – B. Hudson

“One of my favorite sessions was Clay Stafford’s keynote speech.” – M. Snyder

“It served as a reality check.” – D. Condo

“My favorite speaker was Clay Stafford.” – L. Mathis

“I learned a lot about life, and how to become happy and successful. Clay’s style of teaching made it more conducive to learning for everything he said seemed to matter. I wish to thank Clay for what probably was the most informative, most important class I have ever registered for. Clay was the “perfect” instructor that every student dreams of getting.” – L. Donahue

“Clay Stafford was one of my favorite speakers.” – C. Campbell

“I learned above and beyond what I thought Clay intended to teach me, like locked up in the lectures and readings was another layer that could not be missed under any circumstances.” – S. Tracy

“My favorite session was Clay Stafford’s keynote address.” – T. Standard

“The most important thing that I got out of the class is to set myself on a goal and do anything and everything I have to do to get to that goal. Clay worked slowly, almost subtly, trying to get us to strive for those virtues that would help us succeed where so many others have failed before. I’m not sure if any of the other students in the class picked up on this ‘secret lesson’ or not.” – J. Koon

“I wish there were more classes that teach students how to plan their lives and to live a successful life.” – L. Ho

“Clay Stafford’s keynote speech was very encouraging and of great value.” – W. Moth

“Like a splash of ice water in the face, I admire Clay for telling me the absolute truth.” – C. Martini

“My favorite speaker was without doubt Clay Stafford.” – A. Britnell

“Clay Stafford offered his students a great deal of guidance and allowed them to express themselves without feeling intimidated. I was very surprised to see his concern for the future of his students.” – P. Quintero

“I came away from this class feeling much stronger and confident about what I’m doing.” – R. Harrington

“Had a great time. Clay Stafford was one of my favorite speakers.” – K. Patterson

“I found Clay Stafford’s advice to be very important. I was very happy to have an instructor who has actually worked in the industry and who continues to work in the film industry.” – J. Madruga

“Clay Stafford was great.” – L Moore

“I am no longer afraid of expressing myself. I have learned to value myself, not only as an artist, but as a person—an individual. Clay Stafford has given me the inspiration and the courage to uncover that hidden world within me.” – J. Arana

“Excellent and very inspiring.” – J. White

“Clay Stafford’s CQM has been good, cheap therapy! It has helped me to be honest with myself, to see who I am versus who I want to be! At least now I feel better equipped to continue the quest!” – D. Evatt

“Enjoyed it very much.” – C. Campbell

“Clay Stafford’s ‘The Creative Quiet Mind’ has been a method for me to reconnect with myself and the world around me. It is participatory requiring dedication and an open mind. What emerges is a clear-focused mind, an empowered heart, and a more compatible spirit. Thank you for confirming so much of the way I think and feel.” – B. Donahue

“My favorite speaker ever: Clay Stafford” – C. Jones

“I’ve been working quite a bit thanks to your marketing advice.” – C. Rivers

“My favorite session at the seminar: Clay Stafford” – G. Haddock

“I felt the seminar was valuable and Clay Stafford was much better than other teachers I’ve encountered. He exceeded my expectations.” – J. Stanfield

“My favorite speaker at the seminar: Clay Stafford” – C. Gross

“I have never been in front of the camera before so it was very important for me to become more comfortable in front of the camera and I did. I also learned a lot about the different genres of film and television. I learned a lot about myself (my own blocks as a performer) and about camera techniques. The audition tape (Clay Stafford’s “How to Win Auditions”) is very helpful. Clay Stafford’s presentation met my expectations perfectly.” – A. Holland

“Clay Stafford definitely exceeds expectations!” – D. Evatt

“Clay Stafford’s information was all very informative.” – C. Campbell

“Clay Stafford’s workshop was absolutely phenomenal! I thoroughly enjoyed very hour, every minute, every second of listening and learning. Clay Stafford’s experience and wealth of knowledge is truly inspirational. I cannot find the words to describe all the information that I gathered from just two days.” – C. Rivers

“Clay Stafford not only helped me sharpen my performing and auditioning skills, but also gave me valuable information concerning the business and how to present myself in a professional way. Needless to say, I am very anxious to study with Clay again.” – D. Amler

“Clay Stafford stirred my thoughts as well as my emotions. I had forgotten to ask myself questions like where I was going and wanted to go, who I was, and who I was becoming. The last thing I thought was that writing could be so closely related to what makes up who we are and how we cope with ourselves, as well as our surroundings. What do you call it when you meet someone who was born to teach others? I call it ‘Clay Stafford’.” – P. Gonzalez