Clay Stafford is an American bestselling and award-winning author; film & theater writer, producer, director, showrunner, actor; playwright; and public speaker. He has 3.9 million books sold, has his work distributed in 16 languages, and has spoken as a Master of Ceremony to over 1 million people live.

Clay Stafford is president and CEO of the independent film, television, stage, music, events, and publishing company American Blackguard.

Clay Stafford is president, CEO, publisher, editor-in-chief, and senior editor of Clay Stafford Books, publisher of award-nominated and bestseller books.

Clay Stafford is president and CEO of American Blackguard Records and American Blackguard Music (BMI).

Clay Stafford is founder, CEO, and president of the premiere international writers’ conference Killer Nashville.

Clay Stafford is the Writer in Residence and Creative Writing Instructor at Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, Tennessee.


7/8/20 – Clay Stafford inks bestselling authors Lisa Black, J.T. Ellison, and Walter Mosley as 2021 Killer Nashville Guests of Honor.

6/3/2020 –Paid in Spades by Richard Helms (published and senior edited by Clay Stafford and released through Clay Stafford Books) is nominated for a Shamus award.

7/6/20 – Clay Stafford cancels Killer Nashville 2020 out of COVID-19 concerns.


Editor and contributor to Killer Nashville’s bestselling and award-winning book Cold-Blooded: Killer Nashville Noir.

Publisher and senior editor of Richard Helms’s incredible Shamus-nominated novel Paid in Spades.

Screenwriter, producer, director of the award-winning feature documentary One of the Miracles.

Music producer of the orchestral soundtrack One of the Miracles.

Music producer, songwriter, composer, and arranger for the award-winning and A.M. regional Top 10 collaborative musical album XO with international bestselling author Jeffery Deaver.


“This is a book to keep by your bedside for those nighttime short story cravings.” – Publishers Weekly

“Murder, mayhem, and mystery! Filled with suspense, sizzle and startling twists. I loved it!” – Lisa Jackson, New York Times Bestselling Author

The fun and excitement never stop.” – Paul Ryan, KNBC-TV, Los Angeles

“This series may be one of the video industry’s best resources for supplementing a child’s education.” – The Washington Post

“Stafford has no shortage of material . . . Ever the Renaissance man.” – The Atlanta Journal / The Atlanta Constitution

“It is difficult to imagine an individual better suited to be a working member of the entertainment community.” – Liz Ramirez, Universal Studios / Hanna-Barbera Studios

“An excellent member of any production team.” – John Whitesell, Senior Vice-President, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution

“A great source of advice and information, a tremendous addition to your team.” – Cynthia Payo, Hollywood Pictures / Walt Disney Motion Picture Group

“We are proud to have had you on the Army Team.” – Gary L. Anderson, Directorate of Logistics U.S. Department of Defense