In Business, Stay Useful



Do you ever wonder why a leaf falls?

It’s because it’s not useful anymore.

Why do some businesses suddenly disappear? Why are some writers super hot and then they drop off the radar? Why are some actors or celebrities all over the grocery store rags at the checkout line and then next month—whoosh—they are gone?

It’s because they are not useful anymore.

Whether it is entertainment, information, product, or service, we have to constantly stay useful. It’s an intentional act, a daily singular-minded focus.

How do we do that?

We put ourselves constantly into the mind of the consumer. We have to remember that it is not about us. It is about them. We exist to solve other peoples’ problems.

How do we fix their problems?

How do we provide relief or information?

If we ask ourselves these things constantly, then we won’t be the leaf that drops. We will instead be the leaf that nourishes the organism to grow. The plant will hold onto that leaf. It will keep coming back to it over and over for the sustenance that it needs whether it be a service, a product, entertainment, or problem-solving information.

In that, we find our value.

Wake up each day and ask, how am I best indispensable?

That is the leaf the tree will not drop.