Making Learning Fun

shakepearethewinkLast night, my son informed me that he didn’t like poetry. “Why not?” I asked. He said it was boring and he didn’t like all the rhyming.

This morning, off the cuff over eggs, I made up a little ditty (not too original since it’s based on the 300-year-old limerick and the poor Nantucket girl, but mine nonetheless):

There once was a girl from Nantucket
Who milked a cow in a bucket
The bucket flew in the air
Milk went in her hair
And she finally said, “Aw — —!”

(Of course, I only left silence for the last two words. It makes it more participatory when people can fill in their own blanks.)

Spitting milk from his mouth, my son said he actually liked rhyming poetry after all and asked that I buy him a book of limericks.

Who says learning can’t be fun?

I’m sure that I’m every teacher’s and parent’s classroom dream, so I’m offering my services to share bawdy poetry appreciation to schools across America.

(And, before anyone accuses me of being a poor parent, kids usually have a much larger vocabulary than we give them credit for. Unfortunately, they do learn those at school.)

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